I am a recent transplant to Baltimore from New York. A former arts reporter, I now work as a freelance journalist for a number of national and regional publications and Web sites. Although I have no artistic talent whatsoever, I am drawn to artist types — my man works for Big Huge Games in Timonium — and I try to support the work of my illustrator- and photographer-friends through my enthusiasm and whatever my measly writer’s budget can afford. I am a huge cheerleader for the DIY craft movement — Charm City is a major center of this — and I hope to someday open a Baltimore gallery dedicated to lowbrow, underground and design-inspired art. MICA grads: Let’s talk. Despite my highfalutin aspirations, I am addicted to such pedestrian gems as the Food Network, Travel Channel and Disney World.

When I’m not working on story pitches (check out my writing samples), I can be found training for a half-marathon at MV Fitness, reconnecting with my inner ballerina at a Nia class, cooking dinner — my specialty is tagine-style Moroccan chicken, seeing a movie at the Charles Theater or Landmark Theatre, lusting after clothes at Shine Collective and Double Dutch Boutique in Hampden or chowing down at Peter’s Inn.

I live in Mount Vernon with my mate, Sean, and our two cats, Merlin and Peanut Butter.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Ray from NY Says:

    Love your new blog. Miss you a lot. Hope you’re well.

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